Return Policy

We offer return/substitution of Products requested on inside 7 days of conveyance of the request. In any case, there are sure items, for example, Lingerie things, Jewelry things and so forth indicated as "Non-Returnable" on the Website in the Product portrayal, for which our Sellers don't an offer return/substitution. If you don't mind allude to the merchandise exchange referenced under the 'conveyance and return' part of the item detail page to check if the thing is qualified for return or not.

We just ask that you don't utilize the item and safeguard its unique condition, labels, and bundling. You are free to take a stab at an item however please take sufficient measure to protect its condition.

All things to be returned or traded should be unused and in their unique condition with every single unique tag and bundling unblemished (for example shoes should be stuffed in the first shoe box).

What is the discount strategy for the brought thing back??

We try to handle your discounts inside 7 business days from the date the returned item clears the Q.C at the Warehouse . In any case, the discount is dependent upon the exchange and handling time taken by the bank after the NEFT is started by If there should be an occurrence of any discount disparities, may at its sole attentiveness, demand you to impart to us a screen capture of your bank proclamation.

We comprehend that in certain situations, the Product may require over 7 days to arrive at our warehousing and Quality Check offices and accordingly the Q.C may require significant investment. In such situation, we may handle the discount sums irregularly be that as it may, incase the Product doesn't clear the Quality check, we maintain all authority to find a way to recuperate the sum previously credited to your record. may reject a discount demand on the off chance that we discover proof of extortion, discount misuse or other manipulative conduct that qualifies for a case against you.